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Meinong's Jungle (Theory of Objects), 2015
An object whose only quality is being blue (covered)
Meinong's Jungle (Video Still)
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Perpetual motion (Video Still)
Meinong's Taxonomy of Objects (Video still)
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MAK Design Salon No.4
The School of Constructed Realities

For Austrian philosopher Alexius Meinong (1853-1929), non-existent objects and even impossible objects such as round squares should be included in any proper taxonomy of objects, something we find very interesting in relation to our work with imaginary objects.

We wondered if this extreme taxonomy of objects would open up some new aesthetic possibilities for dealing with the sort of fictional objects we work with.

For The School of Constructed Realities exhibition at the MAK we worked with designer Lukas Franciszkiewicz to visualise an online lecture explaining Meinong’s Taxonomy of Objects.

Session 4: Meinong's Taxonomy of Objects
Commissioner: Thomas Geisler / MAK
Concept and creative direction: Dunne & Raby
Animation: Lukas Franciszkiewicz
Extracts from online lecture (with permission):
Meinong's Jungle (Theory of Objects) by