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In Search of an Impossible Object, 2018
Many Worlds Working Group (MWWG), 2017 -
Meinong's Jungle (Theory of Objects), 2015
Not Here, Not Now (Video), 2015
UMK: Lives and Landscapes, 2014
Not Here, Not Now, 2014
The School of Constructed Realities, 2014
Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming, 2013
United Micro Kingdoms, 2012/13
What if... Beijing International Design Triennial, 2011
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Between Reality and the Impossible, 2010
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Project #26765: Flirt, 1998-00
Weeds, Aliens and Other Stories, 1994-98
Hertzian Tales, 1994-97
What if... Beijing International Design Triennial, 2011
We were invited to develop and expand the ongoing What if... exhibition project for the first Beijing International Design Triennial in the The National Museum of China from the 28th Sept to 17th Oct 2011.

Curators:  Dunne & Raby, Jin Jiangbo
Exhibition Design: Dunne & Raby
Exhibition Co-ordination: Guan
Exhibition Furniture: Faudet-Harrison
Graphic Design: Kellenberger-White
Exhibition co-ordination: Lui Yaxi, Barabara Jasinowicz, Li Minmin

Alice Wang
Anab Jain & Alex Taylor
Andrew Friend
Bernd Hopfengartner
Bit Play
Cai Cunlei
Cai Jiangyu
Chris Woebken
Daisy Alexandria Ginsberg & Sascha Pohflepp
David Benque
Dunne & Raby
Fu Zhiyong
Heng Zhi  
James Auger  & Jimmy Loizeau
James Chambers
James King
Jen-Hui Liao
Lu Xiaobo
Matt Hope
Michael Burton
Nelly Ben Hayoun
Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie
Noam Toran
Page Tsou
Revital Cohen
Shing Tat Chung
Susanna Soares
Thomas Thwaites
Tuur Van Balen
Wei Wei Chang
Zhu Hui
Zoe Papadopoulou & Cathrine Kramer

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