Archive of Impossible Objects: Globes, 2019
In Search of an Impossible Object, 2018
Many Worlds Working Group (MWWG), 2017 -
Meinong's Jungle (Theory of Objects), 2015
Not Here, Not Now (Video), 2015
UMK: Lives and Landscapes, 2014
Not Here, Not Now, 2014
The School of Constructed Realities, 2014
Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming, 2013
United Micro Kingdoms, 2012/13
What if... Beijing International Design Triennial, 2011
St Etienne Design Biennale, 2010
Between Reality and the Impossible, 2010
Wellcome Windows, 2010
EPSRC IMPACT! Exhibition, 2010
Designs for an Overpopulated Planet: Foragers, 2009
What If..., 2009
After Life Euthanasia Device, 2009
Work in progress, 2009
Do you want to replace the existing normal? 2007/08
Technological Dreams Series: No.1, Robots, 2007
Spymaker, 2006/07
Evidence Dolls, 2005
Designs for Fragile Personalities in Anxious Times, 2004/05
Is This Your Future? 2004
BioLand, 2002/03
Placebo Project, 2001
Park Interactives, 2000
MSET, 2000/01
Project #26765: Flirt, 1998-00
Weeds, Aliens and Other Stories, 1994-98
Hertzian Tales, 1994-97
St Etienne Design Biennale, 2010
3D Text
Afterlife / EM Listeners / Stop and Scan
Stop and Scan
Stop and Scan / Foragers
Forager / Stand Detail
Photograph Stands
EM Listeners / Stand Detail
Introduction Text
Probable / Potential / Possible / Preferable
Story Stand
The exhibition consists of a number of design proposals presented through models, photographic scenarios, videos and 3D texts. It's an experiment in how to exhibit conceptual design proposals where the narrative and ideas are as important as the designs. Everything is treated as an object, including texts and images.

It is absolutely not about prediction, but asking what if..., speculating, imagining, and even dreaming, to create and facilitate reflection on the kind of technologically mediated world we wish to live in. Ideally, one that reflects the complex, troubled people we are, rather than the easily satisfied consumers and users we are supposed to be.

Commissioned by Constance Rubini for the the 2010 St Etienne Design Biennale.

Scenario Photos: Jason Evans
Stories: Alex Burrett
Graphic Design: Kellenberger-White
Stand Design: Assembly Studio

Thanks to:
Graeme Findlay
Nick Williamson
David Benque
Nicolas Myers
Bernd Hopfengärtner
Design Interactions / RCA
Design Indaba
Berry Place
Students from BA PFA Newport University