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Not Here, Not Now (Video), 2015
Ethiculator (video still)
Ethiculator (video still)
Publi-voice (video still)
Publi-voice (video still)
Publi-voice (video still)
Ethiculator (video still)
Ethiculator (video still)
Data volume (video still)
We were commissioned by the MAK to produce new work for The School of Constructed Realities exhibition at the Geymüllerschlössel. We focused on how design fictions are presented and wanted to move away from realism and naturalism to present a more ambiguous world, it could be now, the past or the future.

We developed an earlier project commissioned by Z33 called Not Here, Not Now which consisted of six design proposals for slightly satirical objects for Digitarians.

The first one is an Ethiculator: A calculator for resolving everyday ethical dilemmas. It’s the end point of a long journey involving a shift away from human judgement to standardisation through templates and forms to algorithms…

In the second design, Publi-Voice, we fast forwarded the gulf opening between what people can say in private and public, ‘public’ meaning social and online media. It’s not hard to imagine a time when we need to be schooled in how we present ourselves in public and make use of special vocabularies so as not to offend others and suffer the increasingly serious consequences that come with it.

The device is for visitors to Digiland who need to translate terms they use in their own culture in to less harmful ones for digiland. Basically we’re talking about euphemisms. Some already exist, while a few were developed by digitarians.

We were very interested in using isometric projection rather than perspective to make everything feel a little less natural, in a subtle way. We also wanted to make the materiality of the object ambiguous - is it a field, a film, or a material? And finally, at some point we may see a return of the 3rd dimension and a move away from the reduction of electronic objects to flat screens and instead see them tailored to our bodies and environments.

Commissioner: Thomas Geisler/MAK Design Salon #4
Concept, design and creative direction: Dunne & Raby
Effects: Keiichi Matsuda
3D Models: Lukas Franciszkiewicz
Camera: Lee Daley
Girl 1: Helen Mutch
Girl 2: Laura McAlpine
Hair & Make-up: Wakana Yoshihara
Additional Compositing: Ray Hugh Bray