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Not Here, Not Now, 2014
Publi-Voice Device
Tariff Vendor
Data Boundary Logger
Data Boundary Logger
Device for a Here-and-Nowist
Stop & Scan Device
The future is a fiction, how are fictions represented through design and how are designs used to present fictional realities?

Not Here, Not Now is a speculative design project in which Dunne & Raby present different interfaces for an alternative world, not here not now. The large photographic prints present images of different interfaces. The titles hint at the function and purpose of these interfaces in that given society. As such, the interfaces are portals to those alternative societies. The work in itself is not so much about the interfaces or the actions one performs with them, but about the society they sit in, the world they evoke and the values and norms that make that world go round.

Visual languages of representation locate the values and ideologies contained in alternative future scenarios within very specific contemporary cultural frameworks that can limit the effectiveness of the proposal in an effort to make it familiar and accessible.

With these images, Dunne & Raby wanted to experiment with how different layers of realism are conceptualised, crafted, presented and perceived.

They belong to the Digitarian world, one of the kingdoms in their united micro kingdoms project.

Commissioned by Karen Verschooren for the Future Fictions exhibition at Z33, Hasselt.

Design Assistance: Lukas Franciszkiewicz

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