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After Life Euthanasia Device, 2009
Euthanasia Device
This project was for an exhibition organised by designers Auger Loizeau where 15 people were asked to interpret their Afterlife Battery project as part of Experimenta 09.

We’d use our battery for a euthanasia machine.
As we are a couple, once one goes, we’re not sure how long the other one would be able to hang on. So, if it’s all too much, we could use the energy from the first one to go, to help the second one on their way. We're not sure if it would be a form of conceptual murder or not, but definitely an ‘assisted’ suicide.

We imagine you would set the device up on a small table by your bed or a chair, insert the battery, put the mask on, then after a few minutes, insert the tube into the device which causes a green light to come on letting you know it is working and ready. Then, you can lie back on your bed, or armchair, close your eyes, and 30 seconds later the carbon dioxide will begin to flow.