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Seat and Hygienic Paper Roll
Tissue Box, Coat Hook, Hygienic Paper Roll
Overview of gardens 1
Overview of Gardens 2
Coat Hooks
Steps and Tissue Box
Low Table and Hygienic Paper Roll
A collection of adult furniture for the Medici Gardens in Rome.
The spaces in the gardens of the Villa Medici are like rooms, outdoor rooms without furniture. We would like to furnish them, and provide suggestions for how these neutral spaces could be used. Parks are strange places. During the day happy families play out idealised
scenarios of modern life, while at night, they become sites for a variety of illicit activities. Our furniture will make some of these night-time activities more convenient and at the same time, offer a critique of the kind of design that is always trying to make things nice, convenient, user-friendly, efficient and ergonomic (especially public furniture).

There is a slightly idealistic dimension to this project -- the objects we are proposing belong to a society where local councils provide amenities for adults, attached and single, to meet and play.

We are also interested in whether the public can be encouraged to misbehave when confronted with furniture designed to support illicit activities.
Curator/commissioner: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Fabrication: Ben Legg
Thanks to: Shona Kitchen