--------------------- 2022 ---------------------

Interview with Kathryn Johnson
Catalogue: Surrealism and Design Now: From Dali to AI, The Design Museum, London, UK.

Catalogue: Prepper Paradise
Ward Janssen (Ed.), Bureau Europa / Platform voor Architectuur & Design, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

In conversation with Julian Bleecker,
Near Future Laboratory Podcast, March 15, 2022

--------------------- 2020 ---------------------

Madrid surrealism show offers escape from pandemic reality
Sam Jones in The Guardian, London, UK

Unreality by Design
Interview by Elvia WilkAfterall Journal 50, Autumn / Winter, Central St Martins, London, UK.
Link to interview

Interview by Paul Gong
LaVie Magazine, Taiwan, June, 2020

Speculative Design
Celine Park, Monthly Design, Korea, June, 2020

Back to Earth: Tracing the Roots
Podcast with Victoria Sin, Rebecca Lewin, Dunne & Raby, Formafantasma, and Black Quantum Futurism,Serpentine Podcast, UK, June, 2020
Link to podcast

Grace Under Pressure
Paolo Antonelli, MoMA Magazine, US, April 17, 2020

The role of design in times of anxiety and change
Paola Antonelli, Domus, Italy, March 24, 2020

Catalogue: Neurones, les intelligences simulées
Sous la direction de Frédéric Migayrou et Camille Lenglois, Co-édition HYX ?ditions et Les ?ditions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

Interview with Mariana Pestana
Fiction Practice, Mariana Pestana (Editor), Onomatopee 174, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
More information

Catalogue: Alternatives for Living: Blueprints for Haus Lange Haus Esters Krefeld
Kunstmuseen, Krefeld, Germnay.
Link to catlogue

--------------------- 2019 ---------------------

Dunne and Raby: Designing an Endangered Future
By Rada Georgieva for st-artmagazine.com

Catalogue: Objects of Desire: Surreaism and Design, 1924 - Today.
Mateo Kries, Tanja Cunz (editors), Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany.

Catalogue: Playmode
Filipe Pais and Patrícia Gouveia, MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology), Lisbon, Portugal.

Interview: James Auger in Conversation with Dunne & Raby
Link to interview

Design fiction and the precipice of politics
Design, Op & Ed, Sim Goodwin, Clotmag.com

Catalogue: Broken Nature - Design Takes on Human Survival.
Paola Antonelli and Ala Tannir, Rizzoli Electa, New York.

--------------------- 2018 ---------------------

Catalogue: Home Futures: Living in Yesterday's Tomorrow
Edited by Eszter Steierhoffer and Jsutin McGuirk, The Design Museum, London, UK

Interview: Axis, The Cover Stories: Interviews with 115 Designers
Axis, Tokyo, Japan

Christopher Marcinkoski in Conversation with Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby
LA+, Issue 09 DESIGN, University of Pennsylvania School of Design , USA, 2018

The New School: Towards a Liberal and Political Institution
World's Design Universities 2018, Kyoko Nakajima, Axis 10, October 2018, Vol. 195, Tokyo, Japan.

Industrial Design in the Modern Age
Introduction by Penny Spark, Kravis Design Center, Rizzoli / Electra

100% Design. Comment les designers pratiquent l?art du design.
By Claire Maxwell Favre in TransDisziplinaritt in Kunst, Design, Architektur und Kunstgeschichte. Edited by Kornelia Imesch, Karin Daguet, Jessica Dieffenbacher, Deborah Strebel. Oberhausen

Catalogue: Eco-Visionaries: Art, Architecture and New Media after the Anthropocene.
Edited by Pedro Gadanho, Bildmuseet Ume / HeK, Basel / LABoral, Gijn / MAAT, Lisbon. Hatje Cantz Verlag, Berlin.

Review: Speculative Everything
Jay Ginsherman, RGA, Association of Registered Graphic Designers, Canada.
Link to article

The Creepy Rise of Real Companies Spawning Fictional Design.
Felix Salmon, Wired, 30 May, 2018
Link to article

Interview: Dunne & Raby
OFFLINE 6, ECAL Publishers, Switzerland, 2018

--------------------- 2017 ---------------------

Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby reboot in North America
Christopher Kaltenbach, Inside: Interiors Design Review

Dconstruire ce qui doit advenir
By Gwenalle Bertrand in Potiques du Design 4: Conception, Corps & Fictions, L'Harmattan, France

Future: Yes, But Which?
Martin Krautetr, Displaying Futures, Issue 1/2017, Merk KGaA, Germany, pp 34-37

Catalogue: Food Revolution 5.0
Museum Fr Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany

Interview: Thomas Geisler in Conversation with Dunne & Raby
Catalogue for Hello, Robot, Vitra Design Museum / MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporaray Art and the Design Museum, Gent.

Interview with Anthony Dunne
Anna Savina, Ruki.
Link to article

Interview with Rick Poynor: Critical World Building
EP Vol. 2, Design Fiction, Sternberg Press, Berlin.

--------------------- 2016 ---------------------

Review: Speculative Everything
Tau U. Lenskjold, Artifact Design Concept, Volume 3, Issue 4, Signature Edition, The Royal Danish Academiy of Fine Arts, Denmark.

Micro-utopias: Notas sobre radical e critical design
By Diego Fagundes, ArchDaily Brazil
Link to article

Catalogue: WEtransFORM
Neus Museum - Staatliches Museum fr Kunst und Design, Nrnberg, Germany

Interview: Design Fiction
Rick Poynor, EP VOL. 2, Alex Coles & EP In-Lab (Eds.), Sternberg Press, Berlin
More information

Le Design Comme Critique
Extract from Speculative Everything in Azimuts 44, Ecole Suprieure d?Art et Design Saint-Etienne, France

Speculative: Post-Design Practice or New Utopia?
Ivica Mitrović & Oleg ?uran (Eds), Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia & Croatian Designers Associaltion, Zagreb.
More information

Strange Design: From Objects to Behaviours
Jehanne Dautrey & Emanuele Quinz
More information

Dunne & Raby
Cathrine Disney, Clot Magazine
Link to article

Kritik Durch Gestaltung, Anthony Dunne in conversation with Raoul Rickenberg (from 2008)
Arch+, March 2016, Germany

Not A:B, but A and B, then C,D,E...
Kayoko Nakajima, Axis Magazine, Tokyo, Japan

Catalogue: Sains et saufs
mudac, Muse de design at d'arts appliqus contemporains, Lausanne, Switzerland

Speculative design: A design niche or a new tool for government innovation?
Isa Kolehmainen, Nesta, UK
Link to article

Pure Spekulation, Narrative World Constructions
Ludwig Zeller, Form No. 263, January/February 2016, Germany
Link to article

--------------------- 2015 ---------------------

Catalogue: +Humans
The Future of Our Species, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain, 2015

Catalogue: Thing Nothing
Van Abbemuseum & Design Academy, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

MAK Design Salon #4 Dunne & Raby, The School of Constructed Realities
DAMN Magazine, Belgium

MAK Design Salon #4 Dunne & Raby. The School of Constructed Realities.

Vienna Biennale 2015

Verey Large Bike (VLB)
Ania Molenda, Amateur Cities.com

The School of Constrcuted Realities / Q&A
Signed Magazine, Issue 11, Hong Kong Design Institute, HK, October 2015

A Future Fueled by Design
Arts at MIT, Sharon Lacey, 14 September 2015
Link to article

UmK: Lives and Landscapes
Mould Map 4?Eurozone Spezial. A book about Europe and its possible futures. Edited by Hugh Frost & Leon Sadler. Landfill Editions, UK
More information

Design & Future: Una mostra al MAK di Vienna
Elle Decor, Itlay.
Link to article

Conference Paints Speculative Design As a Little Knotty
Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, fnewsmagazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 12 August 2015
Link to article

Ethics, Ecology, and the Future: Art and Design Face the Anthropocene
Kayla Anderson, Leonardo, Vol. 48, No. 4, pp. 338-347, 2015

MIT Media Lab Just Taught Us the Latest Design Terms
Angelynn Grant, AIGA Eye on Design, 27 July 2015
Link to article

Digicars: Ins Mgliche Morgen brausen
MIchael Hausenblas, derStandard.at

In Defense of Critical Design
Kristina Parsons, Artsy Editorial, Artsy Inc. 21 July 2015
Link to article

School of Constructed Realities
Domus Magazine, 10 July 2015

Design Fiction: the School of Constructed Realities
Bruce Sterling, Wired.com

Dunne & Raby im MAK Design Salon in Wien
Designreport, Germany.

MAK Design Salon #4 Dunne & Raby: The School of Constructed Realities.

Review: Speculative Everything
Susan Yelavich, Journal of Design History, Oxford University Press, April 28, 2015

Design Interactions Alumni Produce Blueprints for the Unknown
Royal College of Art, 24 April 2015
Link to article

Not Here, Not Now
Milk Magazine, Hong Kong, April 2015

Interview: Imaginar Realidades
Jorge Camacho, Cdigo, pp 88-91, Mexico, April - May 2015
More information

Gagnslaus hnnun fyrir betri framt
Christian Gujnsson, DV, Reykjavik, Iceland, 20 March 2015

How to Design The Future
Jon Turney, Aeon.co
Link to article

Royal College of Art design legends step down
Matt Kamen, Wired.co.uk, 2 March 2015
Link to article

Helvetica/Objectified/Urbanised The Complete Intervews, pp 324-42
Edited by Gary Hustwit
More information

--------------------- 2014 ---------------------

RCA Bio-hacking Workshops Train Designers of the Future
Royal College of Art, 21 November 2014
Link to article

Review of Speculative Everything: Sincdoques Fsicas: El Diseo Especulativo
Jorge Camacho, Economia Creativa, Centro de Diseo, Cine y Televisin, Mexico

Catalogue: Future Fictions: Perspectives on world-builing.
Karen Verschooren, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium.

Speculate to Accumulate
Veronica Simpson, Blueprint 336, September 2014

Strange Design ? du design des objets au design des comportements
Jehanne Dautrey & Emanuele Quinz, France
More information

Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporaray Art
Arthur I. Miller, W.W Norton & Compnay, New York / London

Catalogue: QUIZ
Edited by Robert Stadler & Alexis Vaillant, Manuella Editions, Paris

Type Spaces, Typography in Three-Dimensional Spaces
Basher Graphic Books, Shenzhen, China

United Micro Kingdoms
Monica Uszerowicz, Garagisme, Issue 4, April 2014
More information

Reality Isn't Working
Will Wiles, Disegno No. 6, S/S 2014, pp 178-88

Fiona Raby's Book List
Designers & Books, April 2014

Anthony Dunne's Book List
Designers & Books, March 2014

Review: Speculative Everything
Greg J. Smith, Creative Applications Network, March 2014

Interview: Dunne & Raby
Alexandra Midal, etapes, pp 64-65, March-April, 2014, France

Catalogue: Martino Gamper, Design is a State of Mind
Koenig Books, London, 2014

Bookshelf: Speculative Everything
Metropolis Magazine, New York, 1 March 2014

Review: Speculative Everything
Bruce Sterling, Beyond The Beyond, Wired, 23 February 2014

Review: Speculative Everything
Oltre Gli Oggetti, Il Mondo Nuovo, Marco Petroni, Flash Art, Italy, March/April 2014

Review: Speculative Everything
Jonathan Openshaw, Post, UK
Link to article

Review: Speculative Everything
Nargress Shahmanesh Banks, Design Talks, February 2014
Link to article

Catalogue: Dernires Nouvelles de l'ther
Centre de Culture Contemporaine, Montpellier, France, 7 February - 22 June, 2014

Review: Speculative Everything
Regine Debatty, We Make Money Not Art, February 2014
Link to article

10 New Books to Flick Through
Johnathan Bell, Wallpaper, January 2014
More info

Review: Speculative Everything
Edwin Heathcote, The Financial Times, London, UK
Link to review

--------------------- 2013 ---------------------

Catalogue: La Tyrannie des Objects
Alexandra Fau, Galleries Lafayette - Les Galleries des Galleries, Paris, November 2013

Dit Is Design?
20 objecten die je moet begrijpen, Jeroen Junte, Terra, The Netherlands

Esprit du meuble et du design
Anne Bony, Les Editions du Regard, Paris France.

Review: Dunne & Raby: United Micro Kingdoms (UMK): A Design Fiction
Art Review, Hettie Judah, September 2013
Link to article

Review of UMK: Show Don't Tell, With Design Process.
Liz Farelly

Review: United Micro Kingdoms
Icon Eye, Will Wiles
Link to article

Feature interview with Dunne & Raby
New Design 104, Alistair Welch

Review: United Micro Kingdoms
Axis Magazine, Vol. 164, July - August 2013, Kyoko Nakajima

Review: United Micro Kingdoms: A Design Fiction
Domus, Catherine Rossi
Link to article

United Micro Kingdoms
WMMNA, Rgine Debatty

Review / interview: United Micro Kingdoms: Simulating the Future?
Un-making Things, Charlotte Flint

Hoe ontwerp je een luchtfiets?
Interview, Jeroen Junte, De Volksrant, The Ntehrlands

United Micro Kingdoms: A Design Fiction
RIBA Journal, Pamela Buxton

Q&A: Anthony Dunne and What Design Can Do
Frameweb, Ria Patel

Review: The United Micro Kingdoms
The Observer, Rowan Moore

United Micro Kingdoms: A Design fiction

Review: The United Micro Kingdoms
The Guardian, Architecture and Design Blog, Oliver Wainwright

UMK Visit
Arcfinity, Simon Ings
Link to interview (video)

Is this the Britain of the future?

Cyborg Digestion
Edible Geography, Nicola Twilley

Das Undenkbare denken
Architektur & Bauforum, Susanna Karr

Dunne & Raby's designs for experimental kingdoms
Design Week, Tom Banks

Preview: United Micro Kingdoms: A Design Fiction
Culture24, Emily Beeson

TV: Dunne & Raby Profile
BBC 2, The Culture Show, Episode 25, UK
Link to clip

--------------------- 2012 ---------------------

Interview with Anthony Dunne on United Micro Kingdoms
Lift Conference, 12 December 2012
Link to article

Digital Utopia
What If..., Scenarios from Designer Duo Dunne & Raby, pp 158-164, Nadin Heinisch (ed), Akademie Der Knste, Germany

Book: A Workshop about Speculation, Implications amd Simulation.
RCA, MAU, IAMAS, KDU Joint Workshop 2012. Published by Kobe University, Japan

London Calling, I Don't Think We Will Save The World, Fiona Raby, pp 36-37, Universitt der Knste, Berlin, Germany

Food for the City
NAi Publishers / Stroom Den Haag, NL

Book: Interaction Design: RCA Design Education
Centre for Design Studies, Kobe Design University. Publisher: Tsuneo Murayama, Shinjuku Shobo, Japan.
More information

Review of Hertzian Tales by Li Qifang
Zhuangshi Magazine, Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
More information

Catalogue: British Design from 1948
Christopher Breward & Ghislaine Wood (eds), V&A Publishing, UK, March 2012
More information

--------------------- 2011 ---------------------

When Design Encounters the Emerging Technologies
Domus (China) 059, November 2011, pp 106-113

New Art/Science Affinities
Andrea Grover, Rgine Debatty, Claire Evans, and Pablo Garcia. Studio for Creative Inquiry and Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, 2011
More information

Techno-heterotopies: critical design as micro-humanism
Emanuele Quinz In Design for Change, Edited by La Gauthier. Black Jack Editions, Paris, pp 48-65, 2011

Medien Kinst Wermitteln (cover)
Nanna Lth / Sabine Himmelsbach, Edith-Rub-Haus fr Medienkunst

States of Design 04: Critical Design, Paola Antonelli, Domus 949, July / August 2011
Link to article

What Is Critical Design?: Starting with Dunne & Raby
Global.designdb.com, Hwang Kim, 14 July 2011
Link to article

Slicker No. 1
Aude de Bourbon Parme / Slick, Paris, June 2011

Cover Interview Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, June 2011

Feature: Dunne & Raby
Design Net, June 2011 Vol. 165, Korea

Designers prophesize the future shape of society
Axis, Hirokuni Kanki, April 2011, vol. 150

Metropolis Magazine
Highlights from the Collection: These ten picks from MoMA embody key moments and movements from the last 30 years of design. Paul Makovsky, 14 April 2011
Link to article

Catalogue: Human+: The Future of Our Species
The Science Gallery, Dublin, 2011

La tlportation comme paradigme
Jean Quheillard, tapes: design et culture visuelle, mars 2011

Design Futures
Bradley Quinn, Merrell, London, 2011

Critical Design as Constructive Provocation
Danish Centre for Design Research, Trine Vu, February 2011, Volume 4
Link to article

Walk the Talk
Surface, February 2011, USA

The Journal
MyWar Review: The harsh realities of realtimeconflict, Ally Hall, 18 January 2011
Link to article

--------------------- 2010 ---------------------

Dunne & Raby at Saint-tienne Biennale 2010
Link to article

Between Reality and the Impossible
WMMNA, Regine Debatty, 27 December 2010
Link to article

Future Foragers: Dunne & Raby Redesign Human Digestion to Redefine ?Food?, Nicola Twilley, 22 December 2010
Link to article

Future Food Through Future Funding, Geoff Manaugh, 11 October 2011
Link to article

Dunne & Raby in Saint-Etienne
Domus, A News Report, Italy, 13 December 2010
Link to article

Icon Magazine
Future Foragers, Icon 090 Survival, December 2010, pp 124-7.

Le design transporte Saint-Etienne
Anne-Marie Fvre, Liberation, Paris, 30 November 2010
Link to article

Between Reality and the Impossible - Dunne & Raby at St Etienne Biennale, Sam Dunne, 25 November 2010.
Link to article

Reality Check
Design Indaba, 25 November 2010
Link to article

Profile: Dunne & Raby
Scott Billings, Design Week, 28 October 2010
Link to article

Journal of Lacanian Studies, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, No 4, 2010

Finacal Times Magazine
Reaching a Critical Mass, Nicole Swengley, pp 55-58, 16 Oct 2010.
Link to article

Recherche-Creation en Design: Modles Pour une Pratique Experimentale.
Lysianne Lchot Hirt, Mētis Presses, Genve, pp89-93, 2010.

Science and designers, as seen at IMPACT!
Axis, Kyoko Nakajima, June 2010, vol. 145

Science Poems
Dreaming Objects, Anni Puolakka and Jenna Sutela, OK Do, Helsinki / London / Paris, 2010.
More information

British Design (MoMA Design Series)
Paola Antonelli, Five Continents Editions, 2010

Catalogue: Why Design Now?
National Design Triennial, Smithsonian, Copper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, NY, USA.

Wired UK
The Wired 100, May 2010
Link to article

Catalogue: My War: Participation in an Age of Conflict.
Edited by Heather Corcoran and Sabine Himmelsbach, FACT, 2010.

Science and Design
Mun-Keat Looi, Wellcome Trust Blog
Link to article

Financial Times
Critical Points by Edwin Heathcote, April 2010.
Link to article

New Scientist
Window Shopping for Alternate Realities, Louise Buckley, 16 March 2010
Link to article

Visual Conversations
David Bramston, AVA Publishing, pp 46-47, Switzerland, 2010.

Dreaming Objects -- A meeting with Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, by Anni Puolakka
Link to article

--------------------- 2009 ---------------------

Icon Magazine
Icon Minds: Dunne & Raby talk to Bruce Sterling, pp 61-65, UK, December 2009.
Link to video

New Scientist / Culture Lab
Alternate Realities, Kat Austen, London, 7 December 2009
Link to article

Design Indaba Magazine
Designs for an Over-populated Planet, No 1: Foragers, p23, 4th Quarter, South Africa, 2009.

Qu'est-ce Que Le Design Aujourd'hui
50 Designers, Beaux Arts ditions, pp 122-23, France, 2009

Axis Magazine
The Birth of Independent Design Researchers -- Graduates of the RCA's Design Interactions Department, Kyoko Nakajima, pp 48-53, Japan, 2009.

Monocle Magazine
UK Trade & Investment Creative Industries supplement, November 2009.

Future Fictions: What if...
Michael John Gorman interviews Dunne & Raby about the What if... exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin.
Link to video

Industrial Design Magazine no.39
Is This Your Future? Lorenzo Imbesi, InterAction by Design, pp 62-69, Italy, 2009.

60. Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future.
Edited by Lucas Dietrich, D&R selected by Paola Antonelli, Thames & Hudosn, London, 2009.

The Irish Times
Eye-catching: technology pokes its beak into imaginative design at Science Gallery exhibition, Dublin, 10 October 2009

Irish Examiner
Science exhibition has ice-cream clouds licked, Ireland, 7 October 2009
Link to article

The Independent
Dog's Life: ideas from a crazy future, Independent, Ireland, 6 October 2009
Link to article

Design in Britain ? Big Ideas (Small Island)
Edited by Deyan Sudjic, Conran Octopus, London, 2009.

Thinking: Objects
Tim Parsons, AVA Publishing, Switzerland, 2009.

Sensing Space
Nadin Heinich and Franziska Eidner, pp 52-60, Jovis GmbH, Germany, 2009.

Task Newsletter No. 2, Not What if, What if Not.
Interview with D&R by Emmet Byrne, Alex DeArmond, Jon Sueda, 2009.

Catalogue: Telling Tales
Gareth Williams, Victoria & Albert Museum, July 2009.

Interfaces Magazine No. 79
Profile: Anthony Dunne Talks to Jennefer Hart, UK
Link to article

Design Indaba Magazine
No Happy Ending, D&R Profile, Q2 09, pp 80-89, South Africa.

Icon Magazine
Conversation: Mau/Wanders/Dunne/Raby, May 2009, UK.

Seed Magazine
Of Design and Being Just, Paola Antonelli, 23 March 2009.
Link to article

New Talents: State of the Arts
Hansjerg Maier-Aichen (ed), Ludwigsburg: AVEdition, 2009.

Culture & Post-deseo, Numero 32 / A?o VIII, pp 14-15, Spain.

A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit, Spring 2009
Link to trailer

The 4 Fields of Industrial Design, Bruce M. Tharp and Stephanie M. Tharp, 2009
Link to article

The Architectural Review
Living in a Box: Complexity and Contradiction in an Urban Alley, January 2009.
Link to article

--------------------- 2008 ---------------------

Catalogue: Atomic After Image
Marc Mitchell, Boston University Art Gallery, 2008

Icon Magazine
Who does the world's biggest microchip manufacturer turn to when it wants too see the future?, Justin McGuirk, Sept 2008, UK
Link to article

Digital by Design
Troika, pp 234-39, London: Thames & Hudson, 2008

Die hypothetischen Objekte von Dunne & Raby, Claudia Neuman, pp 48-55, July 2008, Germany
Download PDF

Tangible Objectivity
D&R in conversation with Vera B?hlman, Some Comparatistic Investigations on Research in Design and Art, pp 225-243, Zurich: JRP-Ringier, 2008

Seed Magazine
Revolutionary Minds: Anthony Dunne / Design Interactions Program, RCA, April 2008, USA
Link to article

Ambidextrous Magazine
What's the Next Big Thing in Design? Bill Moggridge, Spring 2008, USA

Axis Magazine
What is Critical Design? Kyoko Nakajima, pp 72-75, April 2008, Japan
Download PDF

Catalogue: Design and the Elastic Mind
Paola Antonelli, New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2008

Catalogue: Wouldn't it be nice...
Interview by Christian Br?ndle, pp 153-166, Zurich: JPR-Ringier, 2008

--------------------- 2007 ---------------------

Interview by Bruce Tharp, 17 December 2007, USA
Link to podcast (30 Mins)

Design-Ikone Tony Dunne, Mehr als nur sexy, Oct 2007, Germany

Vision Magazine
Profile: Design for Real, Dunne & Raby by Alice Wang, Oct 2007, China

Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st Century, Sophie Lovell, Die Gestalten Verlag, 2007

Catalogue: Tomorrow Now
When Design Meets Science Fiction, Alexandra Midal, Mudam Luxembourg, Musee d?Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, 2007

Catalogue: Connections
Ivan Dougherty Gallery, The University of New South Wales, 2007

Icon Magazine
Dunne & Raby, Manifesto 39, July 2007, UK
Link to manifestos

Design Parade 2007
Designing Critical Design, Jan Boelen, Paris: Archibooks.

Visionary Architecture
Blueprints of the Modern Imagination, Neil Spiller, London: Thames & Hudson, 2007

DAM no 11 Magazine
Feature, May/June 2007, Belgium

Elisava TdD Magazine
Don't Panic, Special issue on Critical Design, Profile by Roger Ibars, 2007, Spain
Link to article

ID Magazine
Preview, Fiona Rattray, May 2007, USA

AJ Specification
Designer Profile, Will Hunter, pp 13-26, 4 July 2007, UK
Download PDF

Design for Debate, Regine Debatty, 4 April 2007
Link to article

Designer's Workshop
The Science of Spying, Yuki Miyake, April 2007, Japan

Catalogue: Designing Critical Design
DAM no. Z33, pp 22-31, 2007, Belgium
Download PDF

Interview by Regine Debatty, 12 March 2007
Link to interview

Interview by Regine Debatty, 12 March 2007
Link to interview

Adobe Think Tank
Uncertain Futures: A Conversation with Professor Anthony Dunne, David Womack, 21 February 2007
Link to conversation

--------------------- 2006 ---------------------

Anthony Dunne: Design skal skabe debat
Interview by Rune Huvendick Jensen, Danish Design Centre, December 2006, Denmark
Link to interview

Furniture Machine
Furniture Design Since 1990, Gareth Williams, London: V&A Publications, 2006

Twenty-first Century Design
Marcus Fairs, London: Carlton Books Ltd, 2006

Designing Interactions
Futures and Alternative Nows, Bill Moggerige, pp 589-611, The MIT Press, 2006
Link to summary

Simply Droog
Anneke Moors, Amsterdam: Droog Design, 2006

Design Art
Catalogue: Design Art, Phillips de Pury & Company, June 7, New York, US.

In The Bubble
Designing in a Complex World, John Thackara, The MIT Press, 2006

Domus Magazine
Critical Design: Interview with Anthony Dunne, Stefano Mirti, Feb 2006, Italy

--------------------- 2005 ---------------------

Items Magazine
Anthony Dunne over Design for Debate, Kees Dorst, pp 32-35, Itimes 5, 2005, NL

Catalogue: Safe: Design Takes on Risk
Paola Antonelli, New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2005

Catalogue: D.Day
Le Design Aujourd'hui, Valerie Guillaume, Paris: Pompidou Centre, 2005

Design Week
Profile: Anthony Dunne, Liz farrelly, Vol 20/No. 23, June 2005, UK

Placebo Products
Cultural Hacking, Franz Liebl, pp212-215, Springer-Verlag/Wien, 2005

Catalogue: Art and Wireless Comminication
Munich, Germany, 2005

Icon Magazine
Profile: Dunne & Raby, Alex Wiltshire, April 2005, UK
Link to article

Icon Magazine
21 Most Influential, March 2005, UK
Link to article

Wallpaper Magazine
Toying with Danger, Jane Withers, March 2005, UK
Link to article

Sugo Magazine
Is this your Future?, 2005, Italy

Architecture, Liquid, Gas
Ole Bouman, 4dspace, Interactive Architecture, Architectural Design, Vol 75 No 1, Jan/Feb 2005

Prescription Products, Jason Evans, pp 108-17, Jan/Feb 2005, USA

--------------------- 2004 ---------------------

Interactive Design, Lauren Parker, London: V&A Publications, 2004

Electric Dreams
Designing for the Digital Age, David Redhead, London: V&A Publications, 2004

LAB 3000, Digital Design Biennale 2004
Melbourne Museum, pp 160-63, Australia, 2004

Icon Magazine
Design Education is Rubbish, Marcus Fairs, Issue 12 May 2004, UK

Azimuts Magazine
Interview: Un Paysage Inexplore, Mathieu Lehanneur, pp58-63, No. 24, 2004, France

Digital Ground
Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing, Malcolm McCullough, The MIT Press, 2004

--------------------- 2003 ---------------------

Where Stuff Comes From
Harvey Molotch, New York: Routledge, 2003

Catalogue: Crossed Lines
New Territories of Design, Edicions de I?Any del Disseny (FAD), pp120-122, Barcelona, 2003

The Placebo Effect, Mark Rappolt, Issue 47/48, 2003, UK

Catalogue: Strangely Familiar
Design and Everyday Life, Andrew Blauvelt (ed), Walker Art Center, USA, 2003

Where's My Space Age?
Sean Topham, London: Prestel, 2003

de Architect Magazine
Placebo Project, de Architect, 2003, NL

Actions of Architecture
Jonathan Hill, London: Routledge, pp 183-188, 2003

Interaction Design
Akira Suzuki, Kobe: Kobe Design University, pp 98- 102, 2003

Akira Suzuki, Kobe: Kobe Design University, pp 27-29, 2003

--------------------- 2002 ---------------------

Ron Arad, Emilia Terragni (ed), London: Phaidon, 2002

Frame Magazine
Review of Design Noir by Billy Nolan, May/June 2002, p134, NL.

Design News Magazine
Interview with Anthony Dunne by Hironori Okubo, pp 89-96, no. 260 Winter, 2002, Japan

Cyborg: The Man-Machine
Marie O?Mahony, London: Thames & Hudson, p92, 2002

Design Noir
Online interview, Jane Szita, Doors of Perception, 2002, NL.

Form Magazine
The Ghost of Electricity, Gerrit Terstiege, June 2002, Germany

Placebo Project
Neil Spiller (ed), Reflexive Architecture, Architectural Design, pp 88-93, Vol 72 No 3, May 2002

Rum & Form Magazine
Design Noir, Randi Kristensen, April 2002, Sweden

Object Lessons, Rick Poynor, April 2002, USA

Are Friends Electric? Emily King, 2002, UK

Creative Review
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--------------------- 2001 ---------------------

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--------------------- 2000 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1999 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1998 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1997 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1996 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1995 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1993 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1992 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1991 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1990 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1989 ---------------------

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--------------------- 1988 ---------------------

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